Deep Root Journey



Life is a Journey. One you must define and experience  for yourself. There are so many things we wish for, aspire for, thinking they are out of our reach.

This journey supports the fact, that we have the power to shape our lives in the way that we desire. That we have the power to achieve the things we desire while also learning to move with the ebbs and flow of life.

This is the complete healing, educational & empowering journey, for all who are seeking guidance, and ready to learn! Who are ready to focus on themselves from the inside to the outside!

Learning Intensive

This intensive journey is appropriate for nearly all ages! Preteen ,Teens & Adults can all benefit from joining this journey. There is so much in our lives, that we experience and have little understanding of as a child, and often carry this mentality into our adult hood! It's never too early, or too late to start learning about yourself, and embracing your life on all levels! This journey is also a wonderful tool to help build community relationships. As we dig deeper into ourselves, and grow to understand our lives and the energy within them, so too do we improve and enhance the quality of our community!

This journey is considered an intensive, because it is designed to help you streamline your energy and focus to bring about a direct form of healing and growth. It causes you to slow down and really devote time to yourself each day. This means changing and letting go of personal habits that are not beneficial to your well being, while embracing new ideals and cultivating a strong foundation. You only get out of the journey as much as you put into it.



Easy to understand and to complete on your own, in your own time.


Always able to contact me for guidance and support.


Come together with a group as we all embark on this journey together.


Work with me 1 on 1 as you work to achieve your goals!





The Youth(13-19) benefit from this enriching journey, as it helps to boosts their confidence, decision making, & bring awareness to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


For 18 months, we will commune. We will work together to cleanse and clear your mind, your heart and your body. You will receive a handcrafted Manual, along with other goodies as the Journey progresses.You will learn:



 The most important thing about this journey is learning to build and embrace the strong foundations we will cultivate. This inspires us to be more confident in our selves, natural gifts and talents, as well as being grateful for our lives and all that this in them. This helps us build a strong personal relationship with ourselves, our families and those who we encounter each day, whether stranger or acquaintance. We will learn to embrace all of what life has to offers, while seeing the blessings and lessons in everything around us!


 Learn what intuition is and how we use each day. Learn how it guides us through our lives, while enhancing the connection we have to it. This also helps to build self trust, something that is essential and vital for our success in life!



Learn the importance of cleansing, what it is, how it's done and how it empowers our lives on every level. learn to effectively cut ties from old relationships, partners, abusive situations and more! Say bye bye to bullies and abusers!



Learn about your body, the systems within it, How they work and why they are important, and how to properly heal and nourish them. Learn the importance of nutrients, rest, exercise and solitude and their vital role in body, mind, spirit and helping you to manifest your goals!


Work with the elements of nature outside and inside  of your body to move healing energy through your being. Learn to work with the energy of plants, stones and animals. Learn to make your own natural remedies, bath and body products while creating a strong connection and reverence fore nature!



This journey helps us to access our ancestral rhythms, by becoming more in tune with who we are. Every aspect of this journey is a link to our ancestors who came before us. The old ways are not so far off as we thought! Learn to recognize the ancestral rhythms that move within you- honor thyself- heal the bloodline!


To join in on this beautiful journey, you must first decide whether you will be working with the Home-study, Group, 1 on 1, or if you are coming together as a youth group/school/camp. 


The Journey is broken down into 3 month intervals. Participants of the group journey will make their donation every 3 months. Home-Study participants will make a 1 time donation. Donations are based on my specific need at the time, and participants will always be notified in advance of changes. Sign up and all other info for the process will be shared via phone or Email.


Starting Date: December 1st, 2019 5pm CST

Meeting Method: Google Hangouts/In person

Join The Journey!

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