Intuitive Consultation


Intuitive Consultations help you to focus your thoughts and emotions on the present moment. This helps you come face to face with your challenge/struggle/fear/worry and pull from with in you the solutions you've always had.


Intuitive Consultations aren't about predicting your future or "giving" you the "answer". They are about helping you tap into your inner strengths and fine tuning the skills and abilities you already have within you!


Sometimes we can get in our own way. Your mind can become clouded with worry and anxieties that you can't quite hear or see the "answers" that you've been seeking. Or perhaps you think entirely too much, and are never really quiet or calm enough to hear your inner wisdom calling to you.


Intuitive Consultations help you sort out the madness, calm your emotions, and focus your attention in the direction you've been needing! Intuitive Consultations are also a great way to connect with your Creator, Spiritual Guides, Angels, Guardians and Ancestors, and most importantly, with YOURSELF!

Each Reading is Conducted via email or in person. Be sure to let me know when requesting an IN PERSON reading,so that we my schedule a time for our meeting!


I began using oracle/tarot/books/stones/charms etc cards when I was younger, but didn't truly understand how valuable of a tool they truly were til I began this journey. Each of these tools are like the physical version of your visions, of your thoughts. When you use them, especially when focusing on transformational work, they allow your your intuition and your inner visions to run wild and free. It gives you a chance to literally visualize a solution, helping you to see the truth, even if you don't necessarily want to accept it at that moment. I love to be a hands on type of learner, so I enjoy the act of using different intuitive tools, choosing and reading a card.


This service is designed for those seeking to connect on a deeper level with their Spirituality. This includes creating a deeper relationship with your Creator, Angels, Guardians, Spiritual Guides and Ancestors. This service also assist you on your spiritual journey and path, progress, life purpose, journey and reflection, as well as communicating with the deceased and catatonic.

Donation of  $45 


This service is designed for those seeking guidance in the areas of Money/Finances, Business, Career, Employment, and other elements of the physical world such as, relocating/moving, home life and abundance and prosperity.

Donation of  $25


This service is designed to help you communicate better with children. This service is also great for pregnant mothers, who would like to communicate in different ways with their unborn child! No matter what age, form a great relationship built on trust, honesty and understanding! Children having behavioral issues at home or school, trouble getting along with others, bullies, suicide, mental illness and disease.

Donation of  $45

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