Hello! My name is Damara and I am the founder of TrueSeed Temple. I am not a business entity or a non-profit! Simply your friendly neighborhood medicine woman, ready to share, teach and grow with you on this beautiful journey we call life! I have always been interested in the healing and spiritual arts, and have studied for the past 15 yrs plus. I studied and graduated form Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2012. I am a self taught herbalist and energy worker, though I have been professionally trained over the course of the years. I specialize in Nutrition, Health Wellness, Dance Education and Movement, Herbalist, Intuitive Readings, and many other spiritual modalities!

I founded TrueSeed about 9 years ago because I wanted more out of life. More than working a 9 to 5 to make ends meet. More than wishing and hoping to achieve my goals. More than feeling tired, exhausted mentally,emotionally and physically. I wanted control over my life,when I felt that I had so little. I wanted my life to reflect my aspirations!The same year I founded TrueSeed was the same year I became a mother to a beautiful little boy name Sebastian, which gave TrueSeed its official shape and structure. I was filled with so many scars from my past, that I could feel myself passing them on to my son- and I wanted him to see the beauty of life, the way I was learning to as well!

So here we are today! I believe in building a strong community, by first working on yourself. TrueSeed is about self exploration, self healing, self- love and self mastery!By learning to connect with nature, we honor ourselves, restore ancestral connections and embrace the lives we were meant to lead!

I share what I have learned through the years because I am creating a world full of people who love themselves and one another. I speak and will this into existence, and with your help, we can make this world brighter, healthier  and happier each day! Want to know more, just ask!

See what others are saying about TrueSeed!

"I have worked with Damara and True Seed Temple in various ways, and I have been impressed by her wisdom and knowledge of the Spirit and metaphysical work. She is a practitioner you always want to keep in your life. I received a health reading from Damara and this is obviously one of her specialties. It was the most detailed reading I have ever had. Damara went into my entire body, and filled me with information, knowledge, wisdom, and ideas and suggestions for better health, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is a reading I return to, time and again. Her work is so organic, there is nothing contrived about it. She is true to the bone. Thanks Damara, I look forward to continuing working with you throughout the future. Kimm Smith"

Kimm Smith


4 Things You'll Never Want To Forget!

Four things that seem so simple, yet make such a grand difference in the whole scheme of things. When I start to feel stuck, or frustrated, or if I feel like I was comparing my journey to others, I learned to question myself. My motives- reasons for being or feeling those ways.  Through this process, the 4 pillars presented themselves to me, and they are essential to any journey out there!


Time is said to be an illusion, however, everything has its own time. There is something truly special about when we choose to devote time to any cause. Magic happens! Shit gets done (or undone)! By CHOOSING to devote time to OURSELVES, we honor our existence, our purpose and path here, even if we aren't always quite sure of it. We can't rush it or slow it down. It always is there- right as it is needed.



In order for something to truly succeed, we must be willing to commit to it. No matter what it is, no matter for how long that energy is needed. When we commit to anything, we put our heart and soul to it, we work to make sure whatever it is we are striving for is achieved. NO matter how tough it can seem at times. COMMITMENT! Even if we feel like we failed at something, it is COMMITMENT that we have cultivated in our hearts and minds that makes us keep working at it.This helps us grow stronger...and that helps us to heal.



Being honest about our fears, insecurities and what we consider to be our weaknesses, helps us to see how we are responsible for the energy we create. It creates the environment for growth, exploration and healing, because we are able to see ourselves, situation and circumstances as they truly are.



When we are thankful and grateful for all that we have- our many lessons and blessings, our successes and failures, our beauty and our ugliness- we make space for true abundance in our lives. Through gratitude we are able to flow with the ebbs of the tide, no matter if it brings hurricanes, or warm and calm waters. 


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