Some times we just need a little Encouragement. This blend helps to bring out the qualitites we need within ourselves, in order to pursue our dreams.  This blend also teaches that encouragement can come in many ways! It can come in the form of kind words from another, it can come in a message you read in a book, and most importantly, it can come from YOU! Simply by taking time to have a nice and nutritious cup of tea, you are encouraging your body, your mind and emotions to be at ease, to relax, and to heal.


When we learn to give ourselves the encouragement we seek from others, we find that there is a deeper sense of richness and gratitude that is all around us. In or order to appreciate it, we must learn our strengths, and how we can truly apply them to guide us on our journies.


Other qualities of Encouragment-

-Self Awareness

-Attention to the details

-Clarity & Intuition

-Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive and Lymphatic System Health

-Cleanse & Detoxification


Enjoy a pinch or crush enough for 1-2 TBS per cup!


Ingredients: Mango Peel, Lime Peel Infused with Black Jade

First Light Tea Encouragement (16 oz)


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