The Heart Healer blend is a gentle cleanser of the heart, and trauma that has been stored there. In order to truly heal the heart, your emotions, your must be willing to open it back up again. To let out all the things weighing it down and backing it up. And also, to let in all the good things that have been waiting to come in! She strengthens the emotions, by helping you to see what you're really made of. She clears away debris in the ateries, and lymphatics, while also strengthing nerves,veins, and connective tissues throughout the entire body


Heart Healer also promotes:

- mental & emotional clarity

- focus, compassion & inner strength

- nervous, endocrine & lymphatic health

- emotional healing, transforming pain into power

- cleansing the mind & heart

- trusting self


For more information about each individual plant ally, visit here our Earth Allies page!


Ingredients: Lime & Orange Peel, Rose Petals- Infused with Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite & Obsidian

First Light Tea Heart Healer(16 oz)


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