Sensuality is a blend that is light and rich, with a hint of spice. She helps you to slow down and take a look at the raw you. Really appreciate that time that YOU are devoting to YOU. If you are "looking for love" look no further that your reflection in this beautiful cup of tea. Sensuality teaches you to use all of your senses, just as this blend shares with you- pulling you in by her beauty, captivating you by her fragrance, filling you with positive and high vibration energy as you sip and relax.  


The crisp flavor of the citrus peel help to bring focus to our persctive- to pay attention how to how much of our outer reflects our inner, and vice versa. To broaden and bright our perspectives, and allow expectations, mental and aemotional obstacles to be dissolved, and broken down- so that they are ready to be transformed into fuel for acheiving our goals.


Other qualities of Sensuality-

-Emotional Support & Stability

-Improve mood

-Promotes mental clarity


-Improve hair, skin, and nails

-Reflection and Acceptance

-Intimacy & Intuition


Enjoy a pinch of this blend per cup of water. Brew hot, and even enjoy cold.


Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, a literal Pinch of Cinnamon.

First Light Tea Sensuality (18 oz)


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