Spiritual Baths are a way that we connect our hearts and minds together for our healing. We turn back to nature, to console us, to nurture us, to strengthen and cleanse us. We receive the love of the sun and moon, the air, the water and the earth all in one. 


Spiritual baths help to raise our thoughts and conciously focus our intentions on positive and productive workings. They facilitate a time and space that is just for you, to be with your own thoughts and emotions, to reflect, to release and transform. They help you gather the courage, the strength, the will and determination, the skill, and the right percpetion to over come obstacles, release negativity and attract in to abundance.


Other Benefits of Spiritual Baths

-Connecting to the elements

-Listening to your inner voice

-Starting a new journey

-Ending a journey

-Overcoming Obstacles

-Attracting Love, Abundance, Wealth

-Blessing a situation, person, place or thing


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Spiritual Bath Custom (16 oz)


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